Creating Your Own Personal Chess Wallpaper

Now that we are starting a new year, it’s time to start creating new.

I am assuming you have a laptop, phone or tablet. Let’s spice up the appearance of your device.

First of all, we have to decide what device we are going working on.

A laptop’s wallpaper is going to be layout pattern with basically a 3 x 2 ratio.

A phone’s wallpaper is going to be portrait layout pattern with basically a 2 x 3 ratio.

The following directions are set up for designing on a laptop. If you are creating a wallpaper for your phone, change Right to Top, and Left to Bottom.

Now create a totally white layer on PhotoShop (you can use other image editors, I’m not picky). This will serve a background. Label this as Layer 1.

Now the subject matter.

Since both you and I love chess (at least you are reading this blog), let’s start with a game.

Now, most players would readily advertise a game they won, and I suggest you do the same here.

First make sure your game has no errors in the score or in the notes (you did annotate it, didn’t you? If not, a few notes will make your game stand out even more.)

Copy Layer 1 (the background). Now crop it so that is approximately 45 percent of the width of Layer 1. Call this new Layer 2.

Increase your font size of your game and use the enter key as necessary so that the game score (plus your notes) fits neatly into your Layer 2. You could also use a text box to do the same.  Check which option is best for your creation. This, believe it, or not, is probably, the hardest part.

Oh! One more thing – make the color of your game score something other than white – you do want to show off your game!

Now, create a diagram, of the winning position, or any other that shows a winning, or surprise move.

I use Linares chess fonts which I purchased back in the 1990s. But there are others on the Internet you can download, some even for free.

You are going to be repeating a step here.

Again, create a copy of Layer 1. Crop it so that is approximately 45 percent of the width of Layer 1. Call this new Layer 3.

Move Layer 2 to the left side of the Layer 1.

Move Layer 3 to the right side of the Layer 1.

Now adjust the size, placement, and colors of all three layers to get a wallpaper to your taste (yes, this sounds like something out of a cookbook).  

Garnish with any else you might want to add. For example, an emoji, a smiling face, or tournament bulletin or ad, might just add something to your overall design.

Save your file as a PSD (so you can easily change it later) and then as a JPEG so you can show it off.

Have fun!

PS – I included mine to share. You can also do the same. Let’s create! =)

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