Trivia Questions



Here are some trivia questions guaranteed to win a few bets at a chess club.



(1) Which chess player(s) did NOT receive a GM title from FIDE?


Jose Capablanca


Anatoly Karpov


Camilla Baginskaite


Nona Gaprindashvili


Bobby Fischer



Answer : Jose Capablanca. He received his GM title by Czar Nicolas II at the St. Petersburg 1914 International Tournament. FIDE was organized in 1924 and started awarding titles in 1950.


(2) How many moves can a Rook make in a single turn?




Answer : Just one move, like all the other pieces. He can, however, move to many different squares.


(3) Can a player win a game without moving a single pawn?




Answer : Yes. An opponent fails to show up for the game. In the case of which a player must play a move to start the clock, he may play 1.Nf3.



(4) Can a player move two of his pieces in a single turn?




Answer : Yes. It’s called castling.



(5) Can a player take two of his opponent’s pieces in a single turn?



Answer : No. It’s not possible.


(6) We know all about a discovered check and a double check. Can a player ever triple check his opponent?




Answer : Actually, that is impossible. It’s not even possible in Siamese chess. Try it!



(7) Which of these openings have a variation known as the “Wing Gambit”?




King’s Indian Defence

Bird’s Opening



Answer : Interesting enough, Bird’s Opening does not have a Wing Gambit variation. And while the KID does not have a Wing Gambit, it does have a Bayonet variation with b4.



Try them out and let me know how it goes! =)